Monday, June 3, 2013

Give an Inch, Take a Yard!!!

This week I learned something SO amazing and wonderful about life!!! You give an inch, the Lord gives you back a yard. More like a football field. And it is incredible to watch, especially with investigators. They say one tiny prayer in faith, and the Lord rewards them 100 times more. They read one chapter of the Book of Mormon, and they see a miracle in their life. I've started to notice that in my own life too...the Lord is SO kind to us.

I had a lovely week:) I am still in San Francisco, yes. No idea when I'll be in Brazil. But it's all good, I like not knowing anything ever;) We had a baptism this week, my very first baptism!!! Chelsey was baptized on Saturday, and it was beautiful and wonderful and I am so happy for her. Before the baptism, Sister Olsen and I went to the church early to set up the room and I naturally sat down at the piano and started playing and singing:) About 2 minutes later, this ancient man sits up in the very back of the room and hollers:


HAHAHA WHAT?!?!?! First off, why are you laying flat on the ground in the back of a primary room at 4 o'clock on a Saturday?! Second off, no seriously why are you?

These questions remained unanswered and we apologized quickly for interrupting his nap and moved camp elsewhere.

The rest of the baptism experience was great though. Chelsey is a cutie 20 year old dancer going to college here, and the Spirit was there at her baptism. I am just so happy for her because I know she will feel a bit closer to heaven with the gift of the Holy Ghost and the ordinance of baptism accomplished. And after the baptism, there was a WHOLE meal going on...chili, rice, cake, cookies, drinks, cornbread. If there's one thing in this life I can do, it is coordinating food for parties.

Indeed, it is a beautiful day!!!

Every day I sing

 "Oh what a beautiful morning! 
Oh what a beautiful day!!!!!! 
I've got a wonderful feeeeelingggg
 everything's goin my way!!!!!"

 I just feel like it's a good habit to be in for your whole life. You know?

I learned this week the power and importance of talking to God, reallyyyy talking to God, every morning. I started this week to make my morning prayers more meaningful. Prayer is the coolest thing ever, because honestly it rarely changes things physically, especially in the moment you're praying. But I stand up from praying and just feel so much better! It has become really important to me to pray hard in the morning about the day ahead of me. I would be a lost little thing in this world without prayer. I so badly wish that everyone would make it a priority. Life is so busy and most people Sister Olsen and I visit just forget or don't make time! And goodness, there is so much joy that comes from just taking a second to even thank Heavenly Father for something small. (The inch-yard thing again!) The Lord doesn't ask us to do huge things generally. Just like Elisha asked Namaan to wash in the river 7 times, (not a hard act, right?) we are asked to pray and study the scriptures, which really is a small little thing. We do it and we're blessed and healed from all the tough stuff of life:)

John is doing so great! His interest in the Book of Mormon has been very sparked, and in part because we came to clean his classroom for this week because he was very busy. I think that lots of times, helping somebody makes them even more interested in what you have to say:) He has been reading the scriptures and his prayers are simple and powerful. I'm a little sad because his hot yoga class is over, and that was kinda a fun little thing to ask him about. Regardless. John is faring well, and I love him.

Juan is still the greatest. He also is keeping his commitments and progressing well. He is such a wonderful person, and now the challenge is helping him see why he needs this, not just kinda maybe wants it. If the Spirit is there powerfully enough, he'll know. We just have to work to get it there!

There are crazy people in this town, yes there are. I love them so much! Walking around is an adventure:)

I promised this man yesterday that if he paid his tithing, his full tithing, he would see an incredible miracle in his life. He is not wealthy at all and is trying to support his family and hasn't paid the full tithe in forever, and for some reason it was a little bit of a hard thing for me to ask him to do. I think because I have been so blessed my whole life and I would rather pay his tithing for him. It doesn't really work like that though:) So I looked him right in the eye and promised him that something amazing would happen, and after a long time in silence he said that he would do it. I'm SO excited to see the Lord work miracles in his life because of obedience.

Testifying of the Savior makes any bad day good. I love missionary work, I love member missionaries, I love the Book of Mormon, and oh I love Jesus Christ.

Make this week the best week ever, I love you all!

Sister Brooks:)
My friend from Brazil!!! 
Another Awkward Family Photo!!!

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