Monday, June 24, 2013

Shout out for Missionary Work!!!

This is our darling recent convert teaching me
how to pose like a girl, since
apparently I don't know how!!

This week was SO incredible and I don't even know where to start!! I've never felt as humbled and grateful and privileged as I did listening last night to the worldwide broadcast about missionary work. Missionary work, HOLLAR!!! I was sitting there for all two hours just feeling: "What have I done to deserve the opportunity of serving a mission right now?!" I am so grateful! While I was watching it, I had the clearest vision for a quick second of walking in on my future son, as a little boy, kneeling by his bed praying, and the Lord just let me know how much He needs me to do this so that my kids can be strong in their faith in Jesus Christ. I'm serving a mission for a lot of reasons. But to be a good mother for my future kids in this digressing world is certainly one of the top. 

So, we teach a lot of depressed people; just a lot of people addicted to substances or feeling hopeless or worthless. One of them sent us this HEARTBREAKING text about how he didn't want to see us anymore, because he was never going to change and there was no hope, etc, etc... Well. We showed up on his doorstep the next day. We sat down in the grass in front of his house and I said:

"Listen. We want to keep teaching you, twice a week even. We'll just read the Book of Mormon with you and sing you sunny songs. Please, please let us."

It was quiet for a while and then he said: "Well my gosh, how do you say no?"

SUCCESS ON ALL ACCOUNTS!!! After we taught him, he shook my hand and said: I really appreciate your tenacity. I was so thrilled. It's not every day you get called tenacious.

Our investigators are probably the coolest in the nation. John is such a gem, I just am humbled and inspired by his progress. He came to a Book of Mormon class our ward does on Tuesday night, and ATE it up. He was asking questions and being fellowshipped and is coming again this week. He is eager to learn everything we teach him, and he is reading more of the Book of Mormon than we even ask him to! I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but John was actually the first person who my companion had me practice "7 principles of finding" on. My very first! He was walking his dog and Sister Olsen nodded her head and told me to go start teaching. Seven weeks ago, John didn't even know who God was or if he believed in much of anything. 

Oh I wish you could hear his prayers now. "Heavenly Father. Thank you for sending your servants to me, to help me understand..."

He called us a few days ago to tell us about what he learned about redemption from 2 Nephi 31. I know he will be baptized, and I know it will be soon. He is the sweetest, most humble man I've ever met.

I just want to take Adam and give him the world. He reads the Book of Mormon with his other foster friends and tells them to pray because "it's so cool and you'll have this awesome warm feeling in your heart..." We taught him and Esther the Plan of Salvation this week and they loved it. Esther is so sassy. She doesn't let her wall down, EXCEPT when it comes to music. She is obsessed with the song "I am a Child of God." We sing it to her a lot:) The hard thing about this situation is that Adam can't come to church unless he gets special permission from his social worker, or his guardian comes. (She doesn't want to.) We have been praying for a miracle--that the social worker will make an exception so that he can come to church, because he wants to.

We are teaching Edna again! This week she said she wanted to start actually praying about the Book of Mormon; that maybe it's time for her to know. She said she would tell us when she's ready, when she knows. I just know the Lord will answer her! Oh excitement!!

People have the funniest excuses as they slam the door. (We've been visiting a LOT of less active members this week, and lots of them are bitter and less than happy to see us on their porches.) One of my favorites this week was: "I HAVE A 2 YEAR OLD I CAN'T BE INTERESTED!!!" SLAM! Wait what?

My district doing lunch on P-day
So last P-day our entire district played soccer and my lovely companion completely destroyed this elder. Took him out. He was bleeding and his ear is now huge and black. I was dyingggggg laughing. 

I love my companion:)She has wanted a certain type of food for the last 9 months, but no one will make it because it's hard to make! I coordinated with a really good cook in our ward, and tomorrow night I'm surprising her with it. Hehehe!

Well, that's my little update. This week really was marvelous. We had some people show up at church yesterday who hadn't in months. We saw serious improvement in almost every family we visited--from deciding to pay tithing to deciding to read the Book of Mormon to deciding to pray to feel comfort to deciding to go to the temple:) People are so cool. Oh, and we are teaching a family of 6 who all love the gospel!!!! Cutest kids in the world. The little 5 year old Philippino taught me karate moves last time we went after the lesson. I'm so excited for them:):)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, through and through and through. I love it; I love that through Christ's power, people are enabled to change. I can't even describe the joy that comes from witnessing it, and also feeling it in myself. I know that the Savior lives, and I know that He is working along side me, as well as everyone who is striving to share his good news. Keep it up and I love you!!

Sister Brooks

PS. Paul called us and may soon be turning into my first mission stalker. YES.

These are definitely bullet holes!
No worries MOM:)

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