Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Love These People!!!

This is my wonderful zone....most of them speak Chinese!!!

So Sister Olsen and I were asked to conduct "Singing Time" in primary to give the leader a break. I asked  the choir lady what exactly she wanted me to teach, and she started going on about vowel shapes in "I am a Child of God," and dipthongs in "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus." So there I am on Sunday in front of a bunch of little kids, trying to get them to end their word with a "T" at the exact right time. I didn't even know what a T was when I was five. We don't mess around in San Francisco primary. 

My week was fantastic and the most humbling I've ever had. I have been learning, one step at a time, (just like Jordin Sparks says!)  what it really means to trust the Lord. It is not an easy thing, but He is teaching me that is the better way.

Loving San Francisco
I was told last Wednesday that sometimes the visa dots on the website are off, and also that Brazil only transfers on transfer days. So if I didn't receive my visa by this Tuesday, I would be here for another 7 weeks. Alas, the visa is not here and I'm in San Fran for another transfer:)
 My prayers have changed from asking about my visa to asking Him to give me the strength to do the best I can TODAY and then to accept His will. I like to think I know best:) He's teaching me I don't at all. Rollin with the punches these days. You know? I'm SO grateful for the chance I have to learn these lessons about giving up control to the Lord, because it is hard sometimes. I love that He is working with my weaknesses to help me be better.

One thing is for dang certain. I love these people, my goodness I do I do. Any mission is wonderful when you just talk to people:) 

Sister Olsen and I have been so busy and it is so wonderfully fun:) I was like a little kid on Saturday night. I was just SO excited that I couldn't fall asleep, thinking about church the next day and just hoping with all my heart these people we've been teaching would come!

I can't even describe how I felt when John pulled up in his little white car wearing a button down shirt. I didn't know I could get so excited about these type of things, but honestly I was so happy to see him I could hardly contain myself!!! Juan is coming this next week, and we continue to teach both of them, and I just KNOW that they feel the Spirit and they love it.

I went on exchanges to a Spanish area on Saturday, and had a great time:) Sister Hewitt and I were bound and determined to teach a recent convert named Rual, but we could not for the life of us find a woman to come with us! So we said a prayer and came up with this little idea:

Let's knock on random doors and ask whoever answers to come teach with us! It was hysterical. This woman named Debrah answers the door and is totally game for "TALKIN BOUT JESUS" so Sister Hewitt, Debrah and I taught Rual a lesson sitting on the cement outside because we couldn't find another place! Oh you should have heard Debrah preaching to him! PRAISE THE LORDDD!!!! We got her information and Sister Hewitt and her companion are going to go teach her:):)

Sharing some Smiles:):):)
This week I made a goal to talk to absolutely everyone. We have been running like crazy from one lesson to another, and one night in particular we were running late, legitimately sprinting in our skirts, and I passed 3 young men. I ran past them without even thinking and then thought: "OH MY GOSH. THEY ARE PEOPLE!! I HAVE TO TALK TO EVERYONE!" So I zoomed around and gave them cards and bore my testimony real quick about how wonderful "" is, and waved like a crazy person as I ran off with my scriptures in one hand, purse in another, and pass-along cards maybe in my mouth or something? I need to work on the whole being professional thing. 

I got to go to the temple this morning and I decided that I could go for living there:) The temple is a place of power, and I want everyone in the world to experience the peace it brings. It's unlike anything else. 

Anyways, I love this church and I love San Francisco and I LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!! Keep on praying for missionary experiences...Jesus Christ changes lives:)

Loves loves loves,

Sister Brooks:) 

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