Monday, May 13, 2013

"Love to Life"

HOLY MOLEY, it has been a week. Oh boy, has it been a week! I got to San Fransisco on Wednesday and the first thing I saw was a cop pulling some guy out of a local McDonalds. Welcome to the Bay, Sister Brooks!
 Right when we landed, I was in love with this place:) One thing I love about it is that even though it's so crammed together everywhere, the people make corners of "beautiful." Even if it's just one rose bush or a tiny tree or a small hand-painted picture, I love that people make beautiful things everywhere! I love these people!

The first day, I thought I might die because I was so tired. Well, I didn't and I got over it and I am still alive and happy as a clam! Me and my new companion, Sister O., drove to our little apartment in Daly City that night and GOT TO WORK! I was assigned to the city. And by the city, I mean the city. We are in San Francisco and it's a little bit exciting! 
The first night at my apartment, there were guys smoking in the garage and they were staring at us and yes, me and my companion ran up the three flights of stairs to our room. I love the city though. It's exciting to tract on streets with every ethnicity and type of person, and to chat with people on the streets. Such interesting stories they have to tell!

The FIRST person I street contacted was a Brazilian women. This happened right after the mission president told me I needed to make sure to study Portuguese daily, because I wouldn't be speaking it at all. PSYCH! I talked and talked with her and invited her to come to church and she said she would love to. We are friends! And she speaks Portuguese! And I don't understand anything! But it's okay!

I also asked someone if he would like to be baptized. Lewis actually got out of prison a week ago. EYE CONTACT KAYLEE. Don't be scared! Prison is no biggie, rightttt???:) He had been reading the Book of Mormon in his cell and knew that it was true. Wow, what, really? So I looked him right in the eye and tried to fake him out into thinking I was a professional at these kinds-of things, and asked him if he would like to come to church with us, and if we could teach him. He said yes. And yesterday, there he was in our little ward, jeans and beard and all, learning about the power of transformation of the Atonoment of Jesus Christ. I know that he felt the Spirit. He wants more and more of it. I'll happily be the conduit between the Spirit and him:) Miracles everywhere these days ladies and gentleman!

I learned something this week. Most people we teach and talk to are doing everything they can to put food on the table and make their family as happy as possible. One non-religious man prayed this week that he could be a better man for his family, another woman told me that whenever she prays, she mostly just tells God "thank you," and another woman asked God so humbly to help her understand what she needs to understand. I'm humbled by their sincerity and touched by their ability to have faith even when life is really hard for them. We were sitting in a lesson the other day with this man rambling on and on about who in the world even knows what, and I admit I had the thought, am I doing ok? Is this what I'm here for? Is this missionary work?

My friends, yes! Yes it is! People all need someone to love them, someone to listen to them, someone to tell them that there is so much HOPE for a better way to live, and most of all, someone to love them and tell them that the very God who created us, He who is over all of us, listens to us and loves us infinitely. My goodness, what a message to share. I learned this week that missionary work is and always will be a whole lot more about being a servant to every person that you meet and loving them the way that Christ did than about getting a number or checking off a lesson taught. I believe that when I have that mentality and I talk to everyone and do my best to be a servant to the most humble, that the Lord will create the teaching opportunity's that we look for and love.

People notice kindness. You know? I made it a goal this week that on my mission, every person I meet I will "love to life." I will just LOVE people to LIFE! Can I hear a "YES PLEASE?!" Our purpose is to bring every person we meet one step closer to God. Maybe in 1000 years I'll figure out how to do this, but for now I'm going to do my best.

There hasn't been a baptism in this area I'm in for about 7 months. 

We have two lined up for May 25th, for the most darling two women:) I'm so thrilled!

Oh my goodness, so much happiness. What good news we have to tell!

Doing a little weeding!

And yes, I did get bit by a dog already and yelled at by two old ladies that I wasn't weeding their garden right. I'm so sorry. Would you like me to to throw this weed at you? Just kidding, quiet dignity Kaylee;)

I love you all, your support means everything and a bag of chips!

Loves loves,
Sister Brooks

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