Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Well, I am going to Brazil in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a surprise! I was just boppin around, teaching the people in San Francisco, when President Meredith called and told me that I would be leaving in less than two weeks. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Also, minorly terrified. That's normal, right?

So, the next email will probably be from me in Brazil. I probably will be maybe a little bit overwhelmed. That's normal, right?

But really, I'm freaking out with excitment inside of me! I have lost Portuguese, if I ever had Portuguese. Next adventure, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

My week was marvelous! Remember that one guy I promised would see an incredible miracle when he paid a full tithe. Well, he has been making more money at work than he ever has in his life, starting from about the day he turned in his full tithing. Mysterious? I think not! The Lord is so good to all of us, so so so very good.

I even wrote a poem about it yesterday! Here it is:
The Perfect Heart
Savior and Friend, the King of the one--
builder of sinners, rebuker of none. 
He struggles with you and He suffers with me.
He feels our hearts' secrets; His love makes us free.
The flaws marked deep in the soul that we hide 
He gently erases as we kneel free of pride.
He cries for the woman abused from age three;
He takes her worn hand--her rescue He'll be.
He knew we'd be wrong, stubborn and hard
and still, He bowed to the mocks of the guard.
Still He knelt and He writhed for our sin;
He endured all hell that our souls He might win.
He faces our walls by our side every day, 
but when we can't climb, He pleads: I will pay.
The Grand Master of life, perfect Son from on High;
my Support, yes, my brother--my Friend always nigh.

-By, me:)

So anyways, John told us this week that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God, but that he would rather be Krishna so he could chant downtown with his friends. I am so ultimately confused about him. I mean, I told him maybe he could chant with his Krishna friends and also be baptized, but he said he'd rather not. I am very sad. He knows that our unique message about Jesus Christ is true, but isn't willing to act on his answer. I was very discouraged, but am trying to have faith that his heart will be softened. I appreciate very much that the Lord respects and protects our agency, but sometimes it's hard.

The woman we talked to on the street who is dying with cancer, (Debbie,) is now an investigator. She is too afraid to meet in her house, so we meet her on a street corner a few times a week and teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ:) I love it. 
It's incredible how many people in the world are suffering, and how many people need what we have been blessed enough to have. This week at one of our meetings, Debbie gave Sister Olsen and I jewlery. I think it was from a garage sale:) It is the most beautiful bracelet I've ever received, and I wear it every day.

Service is my favorite thing ever. This week we helped a few people move. (I think they are always a little shocked when they ask for help from missionaries and two girls show up in skirts.) Well, I was put in charge of packing the top of someone's car with more stuff than at first it appeared could fit. I crawled on top of the car in my skirt and was shoving stuff in corners and hollering at my companion to toss more stuff up and hollering at the owners while I was at it. My mother taught me well:)

Also, for dinner my companion and I went to McDonalds for dinner, just to buy the kids toys. No, we did not purchase any food! The little kiddy toys are MINIONS and they laugh and say "WHAAAAA???" when you push the button. Oh my, it was thrilling.

 I have a very strong testimony in the power of fasting. This week, my companion and I decided to fast and pray for specific people and their specific needs. It is hard to fast as a missionary, because you don't get breaks ever for anything. No four hour afternoon naps, which for me has always been the secret to success;) But we helped each other through the day and prayed fervently for these wonderful people we have grown to love. We met with one of the men we had been fasting for that night right after breaking our fast. He has been trying to quit smoking. Addictions are so hard and I desire him very sincerely to turn to the Atonement of our Lord for strength and help. We listened to him talk for a while about how difficult quitting is and I was completely overcome by the Spirit as he talked. I opened my mouth and made him promises that weren't from me, and testified words that were not my own. We also fasted for Adam to be able to come to church, and his foster mom got up early to take him. We are working on setting a date with the Enriquez family. Miracles everywhere these days:) 

So the stalker situation got to the point of where we had to involve the ward mission leader and the elders andddd the mission president. Yay:) I think it will be okay now. I'm going out of the country, see you never!

The Lord is so merciful and kind. I know that He is aware of us, and I know that His gospel is true and perfect. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and I know these wonderful things through the Spirit of the Lord.

Pray for missionary experiences:) It makes a difference!

See you in Brazil????? WHAAA????

:) Sister Brooks       

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